Who We Are

Christie Esau

Co-Founder; Director of Organization Strategies & Equality

Christie Esau is a co-founder of thisvillage and is currently enrolled in a Master of Arts in Counselling and Spirituality at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. She is also an elder at the Ottawa site of The Meeting House. Christie holds a BA in English, as well as a BEd in Secondary Education, both from Trinity Western University. She cares deeply about the impact of gender on development, and is passionate about fostering a love of learning and literacy. Christie is happiest drinking mochas and reading fiction in her neighbourhood coffee shop. Christie@thisvillage.org

Graeme Esau

Co-Founder and Executive Director; Director of Policy, Outreach & Communications

Graeme Esau is a co-founder of thisvillage and recently lived in Zimbabwe where he worked as a Junior Professional Consultant with the United Nations Development Programme. Graeme holds an MA from the University of Ottawa in Public and International Affairs and a BA in International Studies from Trinity Western University. His academic interests extend to development, economics, philosophy and political science. Graeme is an elder at the Meeting House and is passionate about alleviating poverty around the world. His spare time is spent struggling on the golf course, reading a good book and enjoying the outdoors. Graeme@thisvillage.org

Julia Kutyn


Julia Kutyn is an intern with thisvillage and is currently a student at Trinity Western University working on finishing her Undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Julia is also certified as an instructor in Teaching English as a Second Language. She is passionate about the people of India, loving and serving them, and seeing sustainable villages created there. Julia’s other interests include drinking tea, skiing, hiking, drinking tea, cooking, anything coconut flavoured, oh! And drinking tea. Julia@thisvillage.org