We’re building a well!


After only three days of our StartSomeGood campaign, we reached our tipping point. I can’t express how excited I was to wake up Thursday morning, check the project page, and see the words “project tipped!” on my screen.

Besides the fact that reaching our tipping point means the campaign will actually proceed, it also means that we have more than $800: enough money to build one well in the community of Bandanpally. And, let me tell you, the phrase “building wells to change lives” couldn’t be a more accurate statement for our friends in Bandanpally.

Bandanpally is a small, rural community in Andhra Pradesh, India, and having easy access to clean water will truly be a life-changer. When we visited Bandanpally in September 2012, and walked the paths from home to home, and realized how far some homes were from one of the few wells in the community, we knew that something had to change. We certainly knew that the people of Bandanpally had a ways to climb on the ladder of development, but it was made concrete in our visit.

As I’m sure everyone can agree, poverty becomes different when it has a face and a name. If I wasn’t already overwhelmed with love and concern for the women and girls of India, I certainly was after meeting my friend Raman. Raman, a woman only a year or two younger than myself, who had been married since she was a young teen. Raman, who was responsible for the entire household after her husband was seriously injured. By the accident of geography, Raman has a hard life.

Dream with me, for a moment, of how significant having a nearby well spouting clean water would be for someone like Raman. Because these are the sort of crazy dreams that can come true when wells are built.

If you have donated, thank you.
If you haven’t, we’d love it if you would.

We’re building wells to change lives, and we’d love for you to join with us.

— Christie Esau

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