We’re back!


Apologies for the (unintentional) blogging hiatus that happened here at thisvillage. Some of us temporarily moved to Zimbabwe, some of us got new jobs, some of us are getting married… a lot has been going on in our personal lives!

That’s not to say, however, that things haven’t been happening with thisvillage. Thanks to our very successful fundraising campaign to build wells, we’re working through the logistics of not only getting wells built, but also doing some other projects in Bandanpally. This is, of course, because we’ve committed to equipping the community of Bandanpally with everything they need to be free from poverty, rather than focusing on only one need.

Keep your eyes on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter for all the developments. And, if you’d like to make a donation to help the community of Bandanpally in India, visit our Donate page.

— Christie Esau

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