Project for Awesome

Today, along with many other awesome non-profit organizations, thisvillage is participating in Project for Awesome (P4A).

The premise of P4A is simple: Non-profits upload videos, people view and like/rate/comment on the videos, and the top 5 videos get a portion of the funds from the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. P4A is also an awesome way for non-profit organizations to increase awareness, which is the first step to getting people involved.

So, we ask that you take a few minutes–4 minutes and 18 seconds to be exact–and watch the video we made with the help of our dear friend Nathaniel. This is true, un-rehearsed thisvillage (which is fairly obvious).

We’re working to eliminate poverty, one village at a time, and we want your help! Visit our Project for Awesome page!

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