More children than you can count

It’s been a wonderful whirlwind of travel so far! Seeing India by train has been eye opening, humbling, amazing, and difficult all at the same time. India is a land of contrasts and it continues to amaze us as we meet families along the way.

One day while walking down the street in Jodhpur we noticed some side streets that featured some small houses. We decided to explore the side streets that at first, seemed quiet and peaceful. That quickly changed as children from every house came pouring out to say hello. Graeme quickly got out his camera to capture the rush of children that swarmed around us. This of course drew more energy from the children and they cheered when Graeme would show the picture to them.

Then, as we left the side streets, the children just as quickly disappeared and went home. It was certainly an experience to remember.

Soon we take our final train to Bala Vikasa to meet our partners and we’ll have plenty of stories to share from there!

— Ryan Mulligan

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