Life for women in India

Women in India

I am, most certainly, a person of privilege. The temperature of my home is consistent and controllable; the water from the tap at my kitchen sink is safe to consume; I have a stable job that I enjoy. These truths, among countless others, remind me that I experience benefits and luxuries entirely unknown to people across the globe. I am especially privileged by my access to health care and by my ability to walk down the street alone and without fear.

This, of course, is largely not the case for a woman in India.

The plight of India’s women has received a lot of press in recent months, due particularly to the rape and subsequent death of a twenty-three-year-old woman in Delhi. One would hope that this tragedy would spur people on to make a difference, and that the reality of a reported rape every 21 minutes in the country of India would cease to exist.

Indian women also experience great hardship regarding the reproductive health.  There are too many barriers to the safe delivery of a baby. Young Indian women have a disproportionately high risk of death during childbirth, but will almost inevitably become mothers.

thisvillage believes that the empowerment of women is crucial to the end of poverty. We believe that women deserve to feel safe and valued, and that the particularities of gender should not keep Indian women from basic human rights.

One of the projects that thisvillage raises funds for is literacy training for women. Please help us empower women in rural India, one village at a time. You can start by attending our wine and cheese fundraiser in Ottawa on Friday, March 15th. Tickets can be purchased via this link.

— Christie Esau

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