Let’s talk about water


Everyone knows that water is important. With the risk of getting all kindergarten science lesson on you, however (and in case it has been a long week), a few reminders of what we use water for in our day-to-day lives:

  • washing your hands,
  • taking a shower/bath,
  • brushing your teeth,
  • using a toilet,
  • drinking tea or coffee (or just water! or anything!),
  • warming (or cooling) your home,
  • cooking your food, and
  • innumerable other important things.

So unless you’ve had a 127 Hours experience, you’ve used (and needed) water every single day of your life. And you know what? The same is true for people around the world, including people in rural India.

Take a moment to think how your life would be different if you had to work (and I mean really work) to get your water every day, if you had to leave your home to get water, and had to carry all the water you wanted back to your house. Then imagine that the only water you had access to was contaminated and would likely make you sick. Oh, and add to the issue that all the food you eat needs to be grown using water.

Everyone needs and deserves easy access to clean water.

thisvillage believes that water plays a crucial role in helping the world’s poor (so does the United Nations), and that is why we’re starting a fundraising campaign on Monday to build three water wells for our friends in a small village in India.

On Monday, November 4th, visit startsomegood.com/wells and make a donation to our campaign. We only need to raise $2,400 to make a huge difference in the community of Bandanpally, and we would love your help doing it.

Come back to the blog on Monday for a detailed post about the wells campaign!

— Christie Esau

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