India’s election


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In our previous post, we included a link about the current Indian election. Considering India is the largest democracy in the world, the election is certainly worth talking about (not to mention because India is where thisvillage works).

Unlike an election in Canada, India’s general election is… long. In fact, the election began on 7 April and will not conclude until 12 May. But, when you have more than 800 million eligible voters, it’s easy to see why the electoral process will take so long. The Economist has an interesting post about the potential problems with such a long election.

Impressively, every one of these voters should not have to travel more than 2 kilometres to a polling station. A far cry from how far some people in India have to travel to access health care, or clean water. This means that isolated villagers, such as those in Bandanpally, will all have a voice in the direction of the country.

For those that are interested in the election, a pretty useful guide can be found here.

What matters most to thisvillage is what the new government will do to address much of the country’s poverty.  That question will not be answered for a while, but we will still be keeping an eye on this important election.

— Christie and Graeme Esau

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