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Facts About India


From the freezing Himalayas in the north, through the jungles and deserts to the blistering heat in the south (trust me, its blistering) India is a fascinating country.

India, and the United States are the 2nd and 3rd most populated countries in the world respectively. USA, has a population of only 322.5 million; that’s almost a fourth of the population of India in a landmass 3 times bigger! [1]

The average age in India is just under 27 years old, and only 9% of the population is over the age of 60.[2]

1/3 of the women are illiterate. Almost 20% of children are married before 15 and almost 50% are married before they’re 18.[3]

There are more people living in poverty (less than a dollar a day) in India than the entire population of the United States and Canada put together.[4]

This information is overwhelming. I almost didn’t even believe it. It can be difficult to know what to do with information like this. One person alone cannot adjust these statistics, but if we work together one village at a time India has amazing potential to grow into a sustainable country.

In this village of 1200 people, our goal is to supply them with:

  • 6 wells
  • 3 classrooms
  • 1 library
  • 177 toilets

Education and hygiene will be instrumental in bringing Bandanpally out of it’s impoverish state. Donate and help transform the village of Bandanpally, and help those living there realize their potential.

— Julia Kutyn

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Thank you.


Sincere and exuberant thanks to everyone for making our wells campaign such a big success. The month-long campaign, which wrapped up in the first week of December, will provide the community of Bandanpally with two much-needed water wells. If you’ve been following along with us during the campaign, you already know how big of a deal those wells are.

We at thisvillage, and–most importantly–the people of Bandanpally truly appreciate your generosity. We can’t wait to dig these wells soon.

We’ll be slightly less active in the social media world over the Christmas holidays, but you can expect updates as we get things running on the ground in India. And, if you weren’t able to contribute to the StartSomeGood campaign, please know that you can still donate via our Donate page.

— Christie Esau

PS: For those of you who made donations, your StartSomeGood rewards will be on their way soon enough!

Raise $1,200 in twelve days


With your generous help, we’ve raised over $1,200 to build wells in Bandanpally in only a few short weeks! There are still twelve days left in our fundraising campaign, so you can still contribute to building wells in rural India.

How about you join with us to raise $1,200 in twelve days so we can build three wells in the community of Bandanpally?

If you’re new to this blog, or you’d like a refresher, check out this blog post for all the details of our campaign: http://thisvillage.org/lets-build-some-wells/

If you want to make a donation, visit our StartSomeGood page: http://startsomegood.com/wells

You should know: though we’ve set our fundraising goal at $2,400 to build three wells, we have big dreams for any funds raised above our initial goal. The people of Bandanpally don’t just need water; they need literacy training, and toilets, and support for orphans and widows, and school supplies, and so many other things.

So let’s do this.
Let’s help those less fortunate than ourselves.
Let’s raise money, and build wells, and make a difference.

— Christie Esau