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Our Work in India

We at this thisvillage are extremely happy to say that we have accomplished what we set out to do. We have been able to work with small communities to help provide what was needed most.

This is why we created thisvillage, and so we can say with complete satisfaction that we will now be winding down operations.

It has been an awesome journey – from our first trip to India to seeing wells be built. And now that even more has been built and accomplished, we are happy to wind things down. Whether it was providing access to clean water or giving counselling to widows, this work will pay dividends long into the future. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen.



thisvillage works to address poverty in one village at a time. We focus all of our efforts in the one village in order to build relationships and work as effectively as possible. Once both we and the village feel as though effective poverty reduction tools are in place, we will move on to work with another village.

For those that do not know, the first village that we are working with is a small village in India called Bandanpally.

Located in Andhra Pradesh, India, here is some information on the village of Bandanpally.

easelly_visual— Graeme Esau


Let’s build some wells


We are doing a month-long fundraising campaign in order to raise money for three much-needed water wells. The overall goal of the campaign is CDN $2,400.


Bandanpally, India. For those that don’t know, Bandanpally is the first village that thisvillage is working with. There are a number of projects that are planned, including these wells.


November 4th – December 4th. This is the only period where donations to the campaign can be received.


You! This can only happen with the generosity of people like yourself. And for every person that make a donation, you will receive a reward of some kind (see details below).


The importance of providing clean water to a community may seem obvious. We know the benefits it will have on people’s health and agricultural production. But here is a reason that you may not have thought about. In most villages in India, women and children are primarily responsible for collecting water. Since there are too few sources of water in Bandanpally, women and children have to travel far and spend a lot of time collecting water for daily life. If we can provide more wells, women will have more time to care for their families and to earn money, while children will have more time to study or just play with friends.

This recent blog post details some of the reasons why we think this campaign to build water wells is so important.


Starting today, you can donate to the project by visiting this link: startsomegood.com/wells. While we always appreciate donations made on our website, no donations made on thisvillage.org can be used for this specific campaign.

The total goal is $2,400, which will build three wells. There is also what is known as a “tipping point,” which is set at $800. What this means is that at least $800 must be raised in order for thisvillage to receive and use any of the donations. If $799 is raised by the end of the campaign, we receive nothing. $800 will allow us to build one well, but we’re aiming higher. So let’s build three. Anything raised above $2,400 will be put towards other important projects in Bandanpally, such as building toilets or doing literacy training.


As with all campaigns hosted with StartSomeGood, rewards are offered for incremental donations. Here is a breakdown of what you will receive when donating to this important campaign:

  • $5 – Regular updates on the wells in addition to personal stories from the village.
  • $25 – A thisvillage button. Plus all previous rewards.
  • $50 – A personal thank-you card from thisvillage. Plus all previous rewards.
  • $100 – 8×10 photo from Bandanpally. Plus all previous rewards.
  • $250 – A bottle of thisvillage‘s very own wine (Chilean Pinot Noir). Plus all previous rewards.
  • $500 – Video thank-you from Bandanpallly. Plus all previous rewards.
  • $1,000 – Your name engraved on a well, with a picture. Plus all previous rewards.
  • $10,000 (because why not think big) – You get to come to the village of Bandanpally. You will receive airfare, housing, food, and transportation for one person. Plus all previous rewards.

The End:

To give to the campaign and to find out more information, please visit startsomegood.com/wells. We also made a video about it.

— Graeme Esau