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Climbing Mountians

everest(Image source)

There’s nothing like a teenage Indian girl climbing Mount Everest to make you feel like you haven’t accomplished much. Malavath Poorna, a thirteen-year-old girl from Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh, set a new world record in May for being the youngest woman to ever scale the 8,848 meters to the summit of Everest.

Malavath and another student (sixteen-year-old Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar) were selected by Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Schools to undergo almost a month of training along with 20 other chosen students. After the training Poorna and Kumar were chosen as the toughest and both seized the opportunity to climb the world’s tallest peak.

everest flags(Image source)

“The aim of my expedition was to inspire young people and students from my kind of background”. Malavath is referring to her being born into poverty. Her parents are farmers and make just $600 a year. Rather than seeing this as a disability, Malavath sees it as an opportunity to achieve great feats and inspire others like her to be extraordinary.

Here is an example of one empowered woman determined to accomplish something amazing. Talented and dedicated to her studies, Malavath will not be held back by the oppressive caste system or the limitations others may put on her. Way to go Malavath!

— Julia Kutyn

We’re back!


Apologies for the (unintentional) blogging hiatus that happened here at thisvillage. Some of us temporarily moved to Zimbabwe, some of us got new jobs, some of us are getting married… a lot has been going on in our personal lives!

That’s not to say, however, that things haven’t been happening with thisvillage. Thanks to our very successful fundraising campaign to build wells, we’re working through the logistics of not only getting wells built, but also doing some other projects in Bandanpally. This is, of course, because we’ve committed to equipping the community of Bandanpally with everything they need to be free from poverty, rather than focusing on only one need.

Keep your eyes on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter for all the developments. And, if you’d like to make a donation to help the community of Bandanpally in India, visit our Donate page.

— Christie Esau

About us

Too many families are without water and proper sanitation. Too many women are exploited and without work. Too many children are unable to attend school. Too many people die because they were born into poverty. The world’s poor have been largely ignored by those with the ability to help, and too many people have given up on finding solutions for the billions of people stuck in the trap of poverty. thisvillage is a group of people who have decided that these realities are unacceptable. 

We have to realize that there is no quick and easy solution to ending poverty. Bringing the world’s most vulnerable out of poverty takes time and special attention. At thisvillage, we realize that helping a community break the cycle of poverty requires collaboration and teamwork, which is why empowering locals to take ownership of their own development is an important component of our work.  

We are a unique organization that works with a single village at a time. Rather than spreading ourselves thin across many communities, we focus our time, funds, energy and passion into one village at a time. We aim to work with villages to create water solutions, conduct literacy training, empower women, furnish schools, promote improved sanitation, encourage civil society participation and remove any other barriers that stand in the way of sustainable development. We believe that only when the community has been equipped with a strong foundation of poverty reduction tools can we move on. By working with one village at a time, thisvillage aims to see poverty defeated.