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Thank you.


Sincere and exuberant thanks to everyone for making our wells campaign such a big success. The month-long campaign, which wrapped up in the first week of December, will provide the community of Bandanpally with two much-needed water wells. If you’ve been following along with us during the campaign, you already know how big of a deal those wells are.

We at thisvillage, and–most importantly–the people of Bandanpally truly appreciate your generosity. We can’t wait to dig these wells soon.

We’ll be slightly less active in the social media world over the Christmas holidays, but you can expect updates as we get things running on the ground in India. And, if you weren’t able to contribute to the StartSomeGood campaign, please know that you can still donate via our Donate page.

— Christie Esau

PS: For those of you who made donations, your StartSomeGood rewards will be on their way soon enough!

Raise $1,200 in twelve days


With your generous help, we’ve raised over $1,200 to build wells in Bandanpally in only a few short weeks! There are still twelve days left in our fundraising campaign, so you can still contribute to building wells in rural India.

How about you join with us to raise $1,200 in twelve days so we can build three wells in the community of Bandanpally?

If you’re new to this blog, or you’d like a refresher, check out this blog post for all the details of our campaign:

If you want to make a donation, visit our StartSomeGood page:

You should know: though we’ve set our fundraising goal at $2,400 to build three wells, we have big dreams for any funds raised above our initial goal. The people of Bandanpally don’t just need water; they need literacy training, and toilets, and support for orphans and widows, and school supplies, and so many other things.

So let’s do this.
Let’s help those less fortunate than ourselves.
Let’s raise money, and build wells, and make a difference.

— Christie Esau

The campaign continues!

For those of you who have already donated to our StartSomeGood campaign, 1) thank you so much, and 2) check out the cool button you’ll be receiving after the campaign is completed:


If you haven’t already donated, I bet you want to now that you’ve seen how cool our buttons are. 🙂

We’re blessed to know some really talented people, not least of whom is Kayla English, who is responsible for the above button design. (As an aside, if you need something designed, send this woman an email!)

If you make a donation of $25 or more, you’ll receive one of our awesome buttons. If you make a donation greater than $25, check out the list of what you’ll receive below:

  • $50 – A personal thank-you card from thisvillage. Plus all previous rewards.
  • $100 – 8×10 photo from Bandanpally. Plus all previous rewards.
  • $250 – A bottle of thisvillage‘s very own wine (Chilean Pinot Noir). Plus all previous rewards.
  • $500 – Video thank-you from Bandanpallly. Plus all previous rewards.
  • $1,000 – Your name engraved on a well, with a picture. Plus all previous rewards.
  • $10,000 – You get to come to the village of Bandanpally. You will receive airfare, housing, food, and transportation for one person. Plus all previous rewards.

We’ve raised $875 of our $2,400 goal, and we have just under 3 weeks left to raise the remaining $1,525. Come join with us as we make a difference in the lives of the people of Bandanpally! Visit to donate.

— Christie Esau