Our approach to sustainable poverty reduction


thisvillage believes in people. We believe in partnering with the poor in order to effectively alleviate the cycle of poverty. Collaborating with communities allows thisvillage to implement projects that target the needs of a community while fostering that community’s specific strengths. thisvillage believes projects will be much more sustainable and much more successful through community collaboration, and so thisvillage does not tell, but listens, collaborates and acts.


thisvillage believes in staying small. Rather than being impersonal and spreading our funding too thin, thisvillage focuses on poverty in one community at a time. By building relationships with those most in need, thisvillage can focus on the individuals that most need solutions to their impoverishment, ensuring they have the financial support they need.


thisvillage believes in education. Equipping marginalized community members with confidence and practical training to take over poverty reduction strategies is incredibly important to their long-term prosperity.


thisvillage believes that empowering women and children is key to successful poverty alleviation. Women and children are the hardest hit by poverty and yet their voices are often silent in the development process. We believe that including the voices of women and children helps to make more effective solutions that can create sustainable development.


thisvillage believes that connecting donors and recipients helps to create a more compassionate world with a desire for change. Through our projects, we hope to communicate what can be accomplished when we work together for the common good.